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FOLD Maxi Desk


Includes mainland UK delivery and assembly

Oak crown-cut engineered panels with green Valchromat and black steel


Terms of Sale

A home-working desk with a generous desktop measuring approximately 80 x 136cm.


Comfortably fits either a 27" iMac, a 34" widescreen monitor (and tower), or twin 27" monitors.


When closed, all evidence of work
life is tactfully hidden away, leaving a contemporary, unobtrusive 37cm-deep cabinet. 

The Maxi doesn't compromise on work space, and folds away when you're done for the day.

Before You Buy

Dimensions / Key Parts


Before You Buy

This desk requires clearance to both sides for operation.

Please check the top view on the 'Dimensions' below to ensure you have sufficient space to operate the FOLD Maxi.  

This desk requires a level floor. 

The rotating legs on this desk can accommodate variations in floor level of up to 5mm between open and stowed positions. The desk comes with adjustable feet for this purpose.

Natural variations in appearance.

This desk uses natural materials so appearance will vary from the images shown - this is part of what makes every desk unique. 

Dimensions and Key Parts